New Things Afoot

Where has my dear friend J. Gabriel Gates been, you might ask? Since Shadow Train came out, I’ve heard nary a thing from him except a few tweets.

The answer is: I’ve been doing a lot. I’ve written two teen horror novels, both of which I’m in the process of revising. I’ve nearly completed my MFA in creative writing from Spalding University (I LOVE Spalding, for anyone out there thinking of pursuing a low-residency MFA). I bought a new house and moved. And, most profound of all, my wife and I had twin babies. Everything you’ve heard about twins is true. They are amazing. They are beautiful. They are fun to watch interact. And it requires balls of steel to keep writing when you’re sleep deprived from being awakened twenty times a night. Fortunately, my friends, I have just such balls.

I have no release dates for my new books yet, but stay tuned for updates. If you need a fix in the meantime, or some brilliant books for folks on your Christmas list, I will be doing exactly one book signing this holiday season, and the info is below. Hang in there, friends, good things are on the horizon!

Barnes & Noble * Saturday, December 20th * 11am-3pm
Book Signing
Lansing Mall
5132 W. Saginaw Hwy 245
Lansing, MI 48917

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